How to Ask Your Employer to Work Part-Time: 5 Tips

If you are trying to decide how to ask your employer to work part-time, there are actually a few very good ways to go about handling this type of request so that it works out for both you and your employer’s interests. Many employees come to the conclusion that they must drop their working hours back from full-time to part-time when experiencing a change in family status. Here are 5 tips for asking your employer to change your hours to part-time.

Consider Your Employer’s Needs Instead of Just Your Own

What many people make the mistake of doing when considering asking for part-time hours is only thinking of their immediate needs. Instead, it’s more realistic to consider how asking for a reduction in work hours will affect the overall productivity and daily operations of your employer. Think also about your current co-workers to determine ways in which this change will affect them once your hours are cut back. Before asking about going part-time at work, think of ways that you can lessen the impact on your current department.

Find Out Your Company Policy on Reduction of Work Hours

A good rule of thumb when asking for any career change is to consult with your personnel department to find out if there are any special policies in place that will allow you to make this transition. All companies should have workforce reduction policies for employees who experience changes in their health or household. This is especially true if you are asking for part-time because you are expecting a child or to care for family members.

Mention the Cost and Time Benefits of Part-Time Work

The things that many employers are looking for when it comes to staffing are being able to save time and money. Having a team that works well together is an important part of these objectives. If you are on good terms with your manager and you work hard, chances are you should be able to convince him or her that by working part-time, however brief it needs to be, will result in a monetary and time savings for your department rather than be more tasking on the company budget.

Decide on a Time Period to Work Part-Time

If you are asking for part-time work hours, it’s best to determine for how long this needs to occur. For someone asking for temporary part-time hours, this can be a matter of weeks. However, if you are planning on cutting back your hours permanently, do yourself a favor and let your employer know in advance. This will help your company with getting another employee on board to handle any work you will no longer be managing.

Consider Alternative Work Arrangements

Another way to look at asking for part-time work hours is to consider alternative work arrangements such as flexible shifts, telecommuting or a compressed workweek. These are all methods to cut back on time at the office and commuting, while still managing your work duties. If you are truly in need of a change at work in order to handle your personal responsibilities, seriously consider asking for one of these alternative work arrangements too.