How to Improve Your Typing Speed

Slow typing speed can be career obstacle for many employees and students. There are many ways to improve your typing speed, most notably there are online software programs that can help.

Online Tests

You can easily find free, online typing tests by typing "typing tests" in as a keyword search in any search engine. These tests will usually give you a brief passage of text and ask you to type in as much from that text into a field in the webpage within two minutes, a minute or less than thirty seconds. Once the time is up, the test will usually give you your results in wpm, or words per minute. Good online tests will also tell you how many errors you made, since accuracy is just as important as speed.

Not all online tests will give you feedback or advice about how to improve your typing speed, so if you have a 45 wpm speed, but you need to be able to type 60 wpm to pass an employment test, a free online test may only be the beginning.

Computer Software

You can also purchase typing software from an electronics store, for under twenty dollars. The advantage to buying software is that it will usually include an error analysis, which can help you target the areas of your typing that need more work, and the software will usually include tips and games that can speed up your learning.

Practicing on Your Own

If you don't have Internet access at home, or if you have outgrown your typing software, you can practice on your own. First, you should know that many people make typing test errors because their spelling is weak or they rely too much on spell checking software to catch errors, neither of which will help you in a typing test.

You can work on this problem by using a spelling exercise book and drilling with hard to spell words, such as words that have a similar sound but are spelled differently, such as "principle" and "principal", that can sometime appear on spelling tests.

You can also practice by copying a six line passage from a book or an article, and seeing how much you can copy from the passage in under one minute. You should look for passages that include unusual last names, since those are often encountered in work situations of all types, or which require capitalization, such as place names and persons.

You should type as much as you can without fixing any errors so you can see what gives you trouble. If you confuse close keys, such as striking "e" for "r", this problem can be fixed with typing drills. If you have many spelling errors, you can practice your spelling with a partner. These exercises can speed up your typing speed and accuracy considerably.

Typing is a motor skill that takes time and practice to acquire, so mixing your learning methods and practicing everyday is the only way to improve before your next typing test.