How to Request Flex Time at Work

Having the ability to work a flexible or part time schedule goes a long way towards work-life balance, but it's often difficult to know how to request flex time at work. For many employees, being able to work varying hours or a compressed workweek makes it possible to manage other important aspects of life. This can lead to greater productivity in general. If you are looking for ways to ask for flextime with your current employer, here are five tips that may help.

Find Out if Your Company Has a Flextime Policy in Place Currently

Before you launch into an in-depth plan to work a flexible schedule or one that provides for partial telecommuting, take the time to find out if your company human resources department already has a policy in place. You can inquire confidentially with the personnel office to find out if any current employees work in a flextime arrangement and what steps were taken to accomplish this. Knowing ahead of time what to expect will help when it comes time to draft up your own request for flextime.

Research Other Companies

A great way to determine if your company will be able to accommodate a flextime work arrangement or not is to research other companies that are similar or are within your industry as a comparison. Find out what positions work best for flextime and how this has increased productivity as a result. This is the proof that you will need to present when making your own case for flextime with your current employer.

Consider Managing your Tasks Differently

There are probably many tasks that you complete daily that could be performed either in less time or from a home office. With some of the recent advances in technology, it's easy for many people to manage at least a portion of their work from a remote location or in less time. Start making a list of tasks that you would be able to manage away from the office or do better without all the distractions of the office. Focus on ways to improve and enhance your current position and provide better care to customers.

Decide What Kind of Flextime

Begin examining the many different types of flextime possibilities that are available today. Look at possibly reducing your work hours or spending a couple days each week working from your home office. Also consider if working a compressed workweek might serve a purpose in the general scope of what you are trying to accomplish as an employee and as part of the team.

Draft a Reasonable Plan

Now that you've done all your homework, it's time to start writing out a concrete plan for how and when you plan to start your flextime arrangement. Look at the big picture and determine when would be the opportune time to start things. Include a listing of jobs at your company that currently work in flextime schedules, other companies that successfully do this and how you will be able to benefit your company as a result. Present this at the right time and accept what your company decides, even if it's a "no go" now, you may get better results in the near future.