Increase Your Motivation and Job Satisfaction: 6 Tips

If you are not currently happy with your job, do not assume the best thing to do is to look for other work. Instead, consider the following six tips to help you increase your motivation and job satisfaction.

1. Change Your Attitude

Rather than thinking about all the negative aspects of your job, try to focus instead on the things that you like about it. So rather than believing that your boss is very demanding, try to see the tasks you're given as challenges that your employer believes you can achieve. By looking at your job from a positive perspective, you can become more satisfied with the work you do. Also, when you think about how many people don't have a job, you can appreciate the fact that you have one and be grateful for the work you have.

2. Make a Difference

Knowing that you make a difference will allow you to be positive about the work you do. Although you may think what you do does not really matter much, if you think about it, you are providing people with goods and services that benefit them. If you are a store clerk, you help people get things they want. If you cook food in a restaurant, you help your customers overcome their hunger. Even a janitor provides a valuable service since he keeps people's work environment clean.

3. Take Responsibility

Part of making a difference with the work you do is taking responsibility for your job. Once you realize that what you do matters, you will much more likely to want to do a good job by completing your tasks to the best of your ability. You will also understand what needs to be done, so you can work independently and make better decisions. Sometimes you will make mistakes, but when you admit responsibility, you will be a much better employee and have an opportunity for growth in your life.

4. Learn New Skills

After you have mastered your particular job, you will want to learn and develop new skills in order to keep from being bored. Ask your employer if she would be willing to cross train you so that you can learn other aspects of the business. Not only will doing so make you a more valuable employee, working at other tasks will keep you challenged and interested in your work. When you feel challenged, you will be stimulated and will stay busy.

5. Set Goals for Yourself

If you are always learning, then you are naturally setting new goals for yourself. When you have something in mind you want to achieve, whether it be employee of the month or to turn in your report before your deadline, you motivate yourself to take the steps necessary to achieve your goal. Then when you are able to do what you set out to do, you naturally are satisfied with yourself and the work you have done.

6. Build Relationships

Along with being motivated by your work, another key component to being satisfied with your job is to build meaningful relationships. Sometimes these will be with your boss, co-workers or even your customers. Just keep in mind that it's not possible to get along with everybody all the time and that not everybody is going to like you. Just find those people at your job that you really connect with and stay focused on building those relationships. By doing so, you will have a reason to go to work every day.

Becoming more motivated and increasing your job satisfaction is really up to you. You can make the choice to enjoy your work, or you can choose to be miserable. The real key is making up your mind to get everything you can out of your job and to be happy doing it.