Job Promotion and the organisation you are working in

Are you in the right place to get promoted?

How many people are in your department?

How many people answer directly to your boss ?

How many of these are ear-marked for possible promotion ?

'These questions and notes intend
to stimulate you in thinking about
your promotion'
Number of people who can get a promotionChance one of them will get the promotionTwo 50%Three 33%Four 25%

Most importantly: Are you being considered for a promotion ?

Are there other possible promotions ? Other Departments, other teams or subsidiaries

If one in three people gets a regular promotion, that you means you have 33% chance of getting promoted. Do other organisations offer better opportunities ?

How long will you wait for a promotion ?

What age group is management in ? How old are you ?

If your boss is 40 years old, all his peers are in his age group and the youngest manager is 35. You are still 22 years old. The reality of the situation is: You do not have a high chance of being promoted. What will you do about this ?

Do all your bosses have an MBA?
If your boss or those around him sport an MBA?it's time to get one or get used to the sidelines!!!

Answers to the above question will give you a better picture of what your promotion possibilities are.