Learn New Skills

If you want to keep up with the times, your old skills must be continually sharpened and new ones must be acquired.

Some helpful hints towards keeping abreast of the changes around you are:

  • There is no such thing as 'finished learning'. One who stops learning, stops growing. Work hard towards sharpening your Foundation and Transferable skills. It pays to spend some time sharpening your axe before attempting to fell a tree.
  • Keep an eye open for new skills and master them. At the same time, improve the ones you already have.
  • Do some research to find out what skills are and will always be most valued in your industry.

You will find 'A Career Guide to Industries' and 'Tomorrow's Jobs' a big help. Once you find your industry listed in the guide, you will also find a list of skills needed in the same. TheSite is also a good place to look for job prospects and related skills.

Some questions that may crop up in your mind are:

  • What can I do? - You can do whatever you want to. Right from cooking to eating, you will find information pertaining to any interest that you may have.
  • Where to look? - Keep your eyes and ears open. There'll always be something happening in your locality to match your interest.
  • Universities/Colleges: - Usually, universities and colleges have clubs and student groups which bring together students with similar interests. You can be sure to fit into at least one of them and learn from those who have more experience than you.
  • Leisure Centers: - These are places where you will find people who like physical activity like trekking, swimming and traveling.
  • Evening Classes: - Collect details of all evening courses conducted in your area. Learn a language you don't know, or get trained to do creative things like sewing or origami. Our article on returning to school will give you some more ideas.
  • Volunteering: - Though not as glamorous as a lot of other things, the feel-good factor is immensely high! Giving something back to society is an amazing way to boost your morale. And of course, it looks impressive on your resume too.
  • Distance and Online Learning: - If you prefer to spend more time at home and if that's the only hindrance you are facing to learning new skills, this is perfect for you. The Open University, The Open College of Arts and The National Extension College are some of the places where you can start hunting for relevant information. As for online courses, the best place to start looking for what you want would be Learn Direct.