Making the most of the job

When it comes to working a minimum wage job, the paycheck tends to start blocking out the view of anything else. This includes life. Balancing the job with life sometimes takes quick thinking and goal setting. It also means using the job as something other than a replacement for living.

Living for Yourself First

What makes balancing the job with life so hard, especially with minimum wage positions, are the constant demands on people. More than half of the minimum wage positions today force employees to handle high levels of physical, mental, and constant stress. Demands from the minimum wage workplace can spill over into personal lives creating more stress. So how do you deal with this? You simply put yourself ahead of the job. How? Try these tips:

  • Work to live, don't live to work - realize that the job was there before you came, and will most likely be there after you leave. Your job doesn't need you to exist.
  • Keep yourself healthy - the job will not feed the family or care for you, this is your job. Keeping healthy is your job. Do that part right, then worry about the rest.
  • Know your limits - most minimum wage jobs will tell you to keep pushing harder and farther to maintain their goals. Knowing what your limits are, and knowing not to pass them will help you more than any job.
  • Do work, and also do life - keeping a healthy body means a healthy attitude on life. This means you should be spending at least half the day living.

Making the Job Work for You

Having a minimum wage job doesn't mean the only goal has to be the paycheck. Using the job for other goals is always a good way to make the job work for you. Balancing the job with your life means that you set goals other than the paycheck at the end of the week. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Remind yourself that the job is a tool in life, not the goal in life
  • Use the workplace to look for new ideas and new ways to earn a living.
  • Consider the job a temporary stop while you seek out what you truly want in life.
  • Take advantage of any opportunities to learn skills or ideas.

Setting goals while working a minimum wage job helps you to realize that there is life outside of, and after the job you have. Finding a balance between work and life is essential in using the job to your benefit and not causing excess stress in your life.