Manage your time while temping

You must have already known the equation 'Time equals money.' This is very true in temping as well; your salary is directly proportionate to the number of hours you work effectively. By managing your time effectively you can increase your efficiency of operation and hence your income.

Essentials of effective time management while temping :

Organize your records - If your temping involves lot of clerical activities and a lot of documents to keep track of, then invest some time everyday to organize your files. Arrange them in such a fashion so that it is easy to retrieve every document you need. This applies to both printed hard copies and soft copies in your computer.

Prioritize your work - By numbering your assignments according to their order of importance, you will never miss a deadline or forget an assignment.

Organize your tools/stationery - Foresee things that you will need for a particular assignment and arrange them at your hand's reach so that you don't have to operate in a ping pong fashion.

Learn to say 'NO!' - Do not find yourself accepting all odd chores of the house, often temps become an easy target for such things in corporate culture - if you are not careful, you will end up doing everyone else's job and missing your deadlines.

Update and be updated - Temps often easily miss out the whole picture and are often easily missed out in importance communications. Make sure you update your immediate superior regularly about the progress of your work. Make extra efforts to find the latest update on your assignment - this way you will save yourself from wasting your time due to overnight changes that you have not heard about.

Learn to avoid/ignore interruptions - Do not succumb to interruptions, if not possible to ignore try to move away from them.

Regulate your meeting time - Have an agenda prepared for your meetings and follow it strictly.

Your Temp Agency asks for feedback from the company you are working for. Make sure you keep these tips from your first day as a temp