Meetings and your promotion prospects


Your 'stance' in meetings is a big investment in your job promotion.

Body Language

  • Open body posture.
  • Eye contact with all the attendees.
  • Sit where everyone can see you.
  • Sit as close to the centre of attention as possible.

Your contribution in the meetings

  • Take an active role.
  • Listen and react.
  • It is better to say nothing than to say something which will not be seen as 'positive' by the others.
  • Prepare beforehand and try to get involved in the agenda.
  • Propose things that others will be excited about.
  • Be active in the discussion.
  • Act on them by asking your boss to let you look after the issue/project yourself.

Meetings are an important gathering of the decision makers and employees. Sticking out in a good way will help you in being assigned important projects and in leaving a good impression. Meetings are an opportunity for managers to compare employees directly against one another.