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The Dilbert Principle Author: Scott Adams; Buy New: $9.72
You Want Me to Work with Who? Author: Julie Jansen; Buy New: $10.78
Political Savvy Author: Joel R. Deluca; Buy New: $28.50
It's All Politics Author: Kathleen Kelly Phd Reardon; Buy New: $15.72
Winning Office Politics Author: Andrew J. DuBrin; Buy New: $10.40
Secrets to Winning at Office Politics Author: Marie G. McIntyre; Buy New: $9.72
The Logic of Political Survival Author: Bruce Bueno deMesquita; Buy New: $37.82
Fishing Up North Author: Bradford Matsen; Buy New: $10.46
Political Skill at Work Author: Gerald R. Ferris; Buy New: $32.95
Don't Sabotage Your Success! Make Office Politics Work Author: Karen Ginsburg Wood; Buy New: $14.00
Political Ethics and Public Office Author: Dennis Thompson; Buy New: $22.95
Surviving in the Jungle of Office Politics Author: Jill Frank; Buy New: $9.75
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