Online Jobs: Manage Time to Maximize Earnings

Online jobs often have one drawback for most people. Something has to fill in the large holes in between what you earn and what you need to earn. This can be difficult, because commitment of time to a job that doesn't quite make ends meet can also interfere with getting the extra work that solves that problem. It's a common impasse.

However, even this problem is solvable. Let's start with the remedy for the demands of the existing job.

Time management for online jobs

Unless you're working a 24 hour day (which you shouldn't be), you can use some applied time management and reorganization to create space for the extra work. Any job can be scheduled and be made more time efficient. Even if you're working with multiple contracts, there are ways around the problems.


Scheduling is the most efficient way of creating time for yourself. All contracts have quantifiable requirements. You can schedule your work very effectively if you look at the overall workload and break it down into components. If you're required to do X amount of work in a month, you can do that in daily workloads. Stick to your schedule.

If it goes off the rails, reschedule to make up the time in installments, not in some masochistic, last minute, mistake ridden burst of desperation, particularly if you're on deadlines. Never allow your time management to be disrupted by the interruptions and nuisances that infest any job. Good scheduling keeps these things under strict control, too.


If you've been battling doing your online job, despite the fact you've been doing it for a while, the problem is work methodology rather than any particular issue with the work itself.

Say let's say you have 100 things to do in a week: 35 are easy, 40 are ongoing tasks, and the other 25 are regular weekly things, difficult and time consuming.

Do the 35 easy things immediately. That gets them off the plate. 40 ongoing tasks in a week equates to about six a day. Not difficult, but if you can get rid of them quicker, do that as well. Give yourself as much time and space to work with as you can.

The 25 difficult cases are the time consumers. They're the main reason you've been having difficulty controlling the job's demands on you. These can also be done in batches. Four a day will take care of them and give you some spare time.

However you organize the work, bury the problems before they bury you. Online work isn't the environment for backlogs of anything. The most tolerant contract usually doesn't include museum roles.

Now you've got the time to look for more work. You'll know where to get these jobs. The same basic approach to scheduling and organizing will allow you to do multiple contracts. Fit the jobs together on the same basis, and you've got both well covered.