Professional Ethics for Freelance Accounting Jobs

If you are pursuing a career in accounting, you can pursue either freelance accounting jobs or multiple careers in this field. Accounting professional spend a lot of time learning the ins and outs of a business’s financial details. Furthermore, they keep track of transactions, financial statements and overall financial health. Since this profession deals with such sensitive material, each accountant, freelance or otherwise, must follow a code of ethics.

Required Ethical Codes in Freelance Accounting Jobs

In many situations you must actually agree to certain codes lest your certification be stripped. Failure to follow these ethics will also result in removal from the business or organization of which you are a member. Ethics of this nature date back more than 600 years. Even though the economy is much different today, most of the ethics are exactly the same. The unethical behavior of an accountant will not only hurt the clients but could potentially hurt the economy as a whole. The effects of unethical behavior can begin at the top of a company and trickle all the way down to the bottom by affecting the workers as well.

Ethics a Freelance Accountant Must Abide By

As a freelance accountant, you are required to keep records as accurately as possible. You must also avoid illegal activity and report illegal activity if you suspect your clients of such. Furthermore you must remain responsible to your clients by guaranteeing the protection of their financial documents. You should disclose information fully.

You must also remain independent. That is, in freelance accounting jobs you must remain unbiased and impartial while appearing so to your clients. For instance, if you own stock in a company or have some sort of relationship with a client, you are not ethically able to audit that company.