Professional Ethics for Freelance Writer Jobs

There are many freelance writer jobs available and one of the first qualities that clients look for is writers that are ethical. Ethics are the moral values that dictate the way you work. All employers expect their staff to be ethical, but it is particularly important in the world of freelance writing jobs because clients and writers never meet. They do all of their negotiations online so they need to be assured that the writers who work for them have a good code of ethics.

Writers Should Never Plagiarize

One of the most important ethics that clients expect freelance providers to adhere to is that they only sell their own work. Clients want unique articles that are written specifically for them. Text should never be copied and pasted from another site and you should never sell a client text that you have written for someone else. The work you sell should adhere to the rights that you are offering them. If they want first rights it should not have been published anywhere else, including your own sites. Use your own words and your own ideas to avoid plagiarizing someone's work.

Freelance Writing has Deadlines

When clients request written text, they will give you a deadline. Take that deadline seriously. Before you accept the job examine your schedule to see if you can complete it in the time specified. If you cannot, be honest. When you are considering deadlines, take time differences into account and verify what time zone the deadline is stated in. Ask clients if they require the work to be completed by a specific time of day. Once you have accepted the job you must do everything possible to have the work completed by the deadline to avoid causing time issues for the client.

Your Abilities as a Freelance Writer

You may have a specialty as a freelance writer, but no matter what, you should never agree to do something if you are not sure that you can do it. There are many different types of writing that clients may ask for and each of them has certain expectations and requires specific knowledge. Do not agree to write a paper or a press release if you do not even know what it is. Know what kind of writing you do best. If you want to expand your scope, learn how to do it before you offer it as a service.

Freelance Writing Testimonials

Testimonials from clients can be very helpful when you are trying to get a writing job but it is not ethical to produce false testimonials. You should ask clients that you have written for in the past to give you a testimonial that is genuine and ask their permission to have potential clients contact them. Providing false testimonials is grounds for dismissal and is the equivalent of giving false information on a traditional resume.