Samples of transferable skills emphasis

Transferable skills emphasis draws the attention to your skills that can be used in your cover letter for the job that you apply for, even when they seem unrelated at first. Look at the samples of transferable skills emphasis below, which can be used for career changers and college graduates.

Shop assistant looking for teaching post

As a shop assistant in a sport shop, I effectively communicated with customers on a regular basis. I had to assist them in making the correct choices and provided information in an easy to understand format. My patience, tact and negotiating skills attributed to my success. Apart from this, problem solving and creative thinking skills were also required. As the same attributes and skills are required to teach children, I am sure that I will be a benefit to the teaching industry.

Company cashier seeking internship at accounting firm

I used the opportunity in my cashier position at the Computer Corporation to learn as much as I can about accounting procedures, financing and accounting software. As an eye for detail, accountability, accuracy and mathematical skills are also required in the accounting industry, I am confident that I will be able to make a positive contribution to your team. My experience with the handling of large amounts of cash, recording of transactions, and use of technology can also be put to effective use in your accounting firm.

College IT student assistant looking for a position in software support

As an IT assistant I dealt with several hardware and software problem shooting issues where I had to make use of my technical knowledge, creative thinking skills and problem solving abilities on a daily basis. My knowledge of software compatibility and applications were expanded over a period of two years, providing me with hands-on experience of end-user problems and interface design. My ability to conduct proper research, system analysis, and project management, are all skills also required in the software support industry. As such, I am confident that I am the ideal candidate for the software support consultant position, where my knowledge of hardware requirements will also be beneficial.

Call centre consultant seeking position in hotel customer care

The position I held as call centre consultant provided me with experience in handling a wide variety of problems and dealing with difficult customers. As excellent customer care skills in combination with good verbal communication skills, were developed, I am confident that I will make an excellent customer care consultant at your hotel. Both positions require good people skills, the ability to communicate in a clear, but friendly manner, as well as requiring a lot of patience, diligence and listening skills. I will be able to use these skills to assist your customers and clients effectively.

Student with History major seeking position as genealogist

My work as History assistant, together with the fact that I majored in History, expanded my knowledge of History writing and research far beyond that of my peers. As genealogy forms a branch of History, I am confident that my extensive knowledge of Europe, as well as the migration and work patterns of European citizens will be an advantage in genealogy. As both require accuracy, information retrieval and repackaging, writing, reporting and communication skills, my abilities in this area, will be beneficial in the genealogy field.

These samples of transferable skills emphasis in your cover letter indicate how skills gained in previous jobs or life experience can be related to any type of job.