Skills needed while temping

When you are getting into temping, you should consider equipping yourself with hot temping skills that are in demand to make yourself versatile. This is also necessary to stay alive in the competition.

Soft Skills

Lot more attention is paid to one's soft skills today during interviews and screening processes. Possessing technical qualifications and hard skills alone do not guarantee you a job. To market yourself in temping jobs you will have to work on the following:

  • refine your communication skills
  • work on your abilities to be a team player
  • learn to be cheerful even under stressful conditions
  • master your telephone etiquette
  • learn to be articulate ' this does not mean talking too much.
  • concentrate on your public relations abilities
  • pay attention to improving time management and multi tasking abilities
  • work towards acquiring uncompromising work ethic.

Hard Skills

Soft skills when not supported by the expected hard skills will make you look like a phony. Some of the basic hard skills that are expected for a temp include the following:

  • basic computer skills
  • knowledge in basic software
  • word processing skills including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works, etc
  • knowledge in using spread sheets like Microsoft Excel and Microsoft
  • access including the ability to handling equations, automate calculations in databases
  • ability to handle or convert data found in reports to intelligible forms such as presentations
  • ability to create presentations using tools such as Microsoft PowerPoint
  • ability to use account software like QuickBooks, Microsoft Money etc
  • reasonable typing speed

You should invest equal amount of time to make yourself competent in both hard skills and soft skills. It is rather easy to acquire hard skills than acquiring the necessary soft skills. It demands constant effort and self-training to excel in one's soft skills and there is always room for improvement.