Slip Stream your way into a job promotion

Slip Stream: The area of least wind resistance behind a rider.

How does this apply to your next job promotion?

  • Is your Boss a career bull ?
  • Is he eager to further his career ?
  • How frequent were his previous promotions ?

Is your direct manager someone important? Is he/she someone who has been promoted very fast recently?

There are a lot of advantages to be 'under the wing' of such a person.

You are reliable, knowledgeable, and always there for your boss. You have been given tasks that you completed without bothering your manager with the details or silly questions.

  • Your manager is promoted...
  • Brilliant!! Excellent!!
  • Who will your manager choose, to support him in his new role?
  • Reliable, knowledgeable people HE or SHE KNOWS!

THINK : A 'slow' cyclist will stay in front of a 'faster' one in order to go faster than the other 'slow' cyclists.