Teamwork: 12 Ways to Motivate Co-Workers to Contribute

Almost all offices function on the basis of teamwork. Most offices are organized into teams or groups. These teams serve several purposes such as helping to fill in for each other when a team member is on leave or overloaded with work. Teams also give a sense of oneness and belonging to office workers. A good manager is one who makes sure that their team works together to achieve a common goal.

1. Share the Praise

One way to motivate co-workers in a team is to share all the praise that one gets. If your boss praises you, do put in a word about the colleagues who chipped in and helped you out of a tight spot. If possible record your thanks in writing so that they can use it for their appraisals.

2. Keep the Blame

Never shift blame to another, however much they deserve it. Just apologize and say that you will not repeat the error. Have a talk with the offending colleague and explain to them where and how they went wrong. Your team spirit will be much appreciated by the entire team.

3. Be Supportive

Even as you share important tasks with other members of your team, be ready to pitch in and help if they are overwhelmed. Again make sure they get the credit for the work done.

4. Support Informal Interaction

For people to work well as a team, they need to interact informally as well. If possible organize a team lunch or dinner once a month. The time away from office will help the team to get to know each other better.

5. Ask for Feedback

Always be open to feedback from your team. Ask your team members for their views and opinions on work related issues. Make sure you incorporate at least some of these in your work.

6. Be Polite

Even if you are the boss, do not thrust this on to your team all the time. Be calm and polite at all times, even when you are ticking off a team member.

7. Mentor

Consistently keep sharing and teaching the skills that you have. Take a weekly class to refurbish new skills.

8. Keep Learning

Never be too proud to learn from your juniors. They might have skills that you will find useful. Learn and thank them for their patience in sharing their skills with you.

9. Small Gestures

If your team stays in late to finish work assigned to it, make sure that you thank them and maybe order in ice cream for them. It will not cost you much, but your gesture will be appreciated by all the team members.

10. Pay Increases

As everyone likes to be appreciated with a pay increase, give the highest increase to the team players in your team. This will motivate the others too, to work in building the team spirit.

11. Stand Up for Your Team

This is very essential. Do not let your bosses bully any of your team members. Stand up for them in times of crises and when they have been treated unfairly. Make sure that your bosses appreciate each team member's contribution to the team.

12. Positive Feedback

Even when pointing out some one's shortcomings, make it clear that you believe in their ability to correct and improve themselves. Start with their strengths and then suggest areas of improvement. For instance, say you are meeting deadlines, but you need to pay more attention to details as well.

These are some of the ways in which a good team leader or manager can help and motivate their team members to perform better and meet the team's goals.