Temps: Making Sure They Don't Encroach Upon Your Territory

If you are working for a company that utilizes temps (temporary workers) and are trying to make sure that they don't encroach upon your territory, there are some excellent tactics to put into motion. During times when a company is in transition or business is slow, companies often contract with temps to cover various roles, but this can make permanent employees nervous. There are ways to still shine at work so that temporary workers don't step on any of your efforts and threaten your career.

Never Get Behind in Your Work

One of the best ways that you can stay under the radar and maintain your role as a valued employee is by always staying organized and on top of all the work projects you have. Companies generally hire temp workers because there are lags in performance by existing staff and so they are asked to come in and perform work that is getting ignored. Avoid getting replaced by a temporary employee by completing your tasks on time to demonstrate your reliability.

Become an Important Part of Your Work Team

In order to maintain your status as a permanent part of the company, it's important that you become a valuable asset to your work team. Oftentimes, employees get complacent in their roles and start to slack off. When this happens, productivity goes down and managers start to notice. If you want to reduce your chances of getting replaced by a more energetic temp worker, then you need to maintain a certain level of value as an important part of your team.

Learn to Lead the Temp Workers

It may sound odd, but when it comes to dealing with the arrival of new temporary workers at the office, you can automatically take a stance of leading rather than allowing anyone to encroach upon your turf. Temp workers are more than willing to take instruction because they want to impress the rest of the team, so don't be afraid to delegate tasks in a planned way and then let your manager know how they are doing. Avoid letting the temp workers go straight to the boss.

Keep Certain Information Confidential

As you encounter new temporary workers, chances are they will have many questions for you, some of which can be about confidential company information. Be sure to talk with your manager about any questionable inquiries and keep certain things to yourself so that you do not give too much away to the temporary workers who need to earn trust within the workplace. By doing so, you will not give anyone the edge on what makes you so efficient and a valuable team player.

Continue to Grow as an Employee

Temporary workers are there to assist your team and most of the time are at an entry level within your company. That means you can give them the more menial tasks and take on greater responsibilities as a permanent, more experienced employee. Check with your manager to see what opportunities exist for you to take on more important tasks and continue to advance in your career by making yourself indispensable.