The Saboteurs

The Saboteurs - difficult people you meet in your career

These rank among the most difficult people at work. They disrupt the peace and harmony of the workplace with malicious intent or out of plain ignorance. In rare instances, it may be out of sheer ignorance. Whatever the case, their influence is extremely negative.

  • You may find that a critical document has been misplaced
  • Your Internet connection may have been mysteriously disconnected.
  • You may not receive the accounts you badly need even though the person responsible for giving them to you is aware of the urgency.
  • A malicious piece of gossip affecting you may have been put in the ear of the supervisor.

Sounds familiar? You have a saboteur in your midst. This person can cause a lot of damage and is often extremely clever. To him or her, the act of sabotage is a game that must be won. Exposing such an individual can be time-consuming and extremely stressful.

This article is part of the Difficult people at work series.