Tips for Negotiating Telecommuting with Your Employer

If you have been considering leaving the corporate rat-race to work from home, it’s not absolutely necessary to find a new job as there are several ways to negotiate telecommuting with your employer so that it’s mutually beneficial. Many more employers are considering the advantages of telecommuting; therefore it may not be as difficult to convince your employer as you anticipate. Before launching into your negotiations, here are some tips to effectively talk your current employer into letting you work from your home office.

Find Out Your Employer’s Policy on Telecommuting

Many employees are surprised when they find out that their company offers telecommuting options to certain team members. Jobs in sales, service and enterprise management typically allow for some level of remote work duties. If you are aiming for a career that allows for working from a home office for at least part of the time, you may want to first explore the existing roles within your company as a starting point.

Establish Yourself as an Irreplaceable Part of the Team

A good rule of thumb before making any major career decisions or trying to negotiate changes to your job is to make yourself a vital part of the team during your first year of employment. Once your employer realizes the value that you provide to their objectives, the easier it will be to ask for something more, like telecommuting. Being an irreplaceable employee means you will probably be on better terms with your employer than someone new on the team that hasn’t had the opportunity to prove his or her value.

Determine the Tasks You Could Perform at Home

You’ve probably been thinking about all the routine tasks you perform in an average day at the office. When it comes right down to it, the reason many people choose to telecommute is because the Internet and modern communication devices have made it possible for these tasks to be performed remotely. Start making a list of the tasks you can better manage from home to prepare for negotiations with your employer and be ready when the time comes.

Provide Examples of Successful Telecommuters

As you talk with your employer about the benefits of working from home, try to come up with at least two examples of companies within your industry that have implemented telework options for employees. Then cite these examples when discussing how you can be more valuable to the company while working off-site. Employers are often reluctant to make a change like this unless they have concrete proof that it’s worked for a company like theirs.

Offer a Trial Period to Prove Yourself

As part of your negotiations, convey to your employer that you will be willing to work from home for a trial period in order to demonstrate your ability to be more productive on the job. Or you can start with working one or two days a week, carefully tracking your progress from your home office and giving it your best effort. Be prepared to show your company how you are more productive, get more work done and work better with fewer distractions from your own home office environment.