Tips when starting a New Job

There is nothing that will impress your manager like showing that you really want to learn and prepare for your new job. Ask him what material is available to use for finding out what you need to know about your first day on the new job. Enquire about any guidelines, manuals or study material that you can use in your preparation process.

Tips for the new job: the first days and month

  • Study the company brochures, annual reports, press releases, and website to get a thorough background on the new company. You owe it to the employer to know what the main activities, mission, vision, marketing strategy, long term and medium goals, products and services of the enterprise are.
  • Study your job description and departmental guidelines to find out what your role is in reaching the company goals. You are now part of the team and need to know what is expected from you.
  • Examine the employment policy, corporate guidelines, and any material pertaining employee relations and actions. You not only need to know your rights as an employee, but also what acceptable and expected behaviour in the company is.
  • Arrange for an electronic transfer or direct paycheck deposit at the payroll department since it will save you the time to cash your paycheck every month.
  • Try to remember the names of all the people you work with and are introduced to. When you can, scan through the company newsletter and try to remember the names and faces in the newsletter.
  • Set up your workspace to fit your work style and reflect your personality. Display your name so that others will be able to know who the newcomer is.
  • Dress neat and professional.
  • Draw up a task plan for everyday and tick off those tasks that you have accomplished. Make a note of outstanding tasks and complete them in order of priority.
  • Be on time for work and meetings.
  • Keep your lunch breaks short and whenever possible, stay in your office.
  • Write ideas down otherwise you will not get around sharing them at the right time.
  • Planning your day is the first step towards reaching your goals. Take five minutes a day to do just that.
  • Always be friendly and courteous. Greet others before they greet you.
  • Keep your workspace free of clutter.
  • Don't be the person who uses the last milk or hot water in the kitchen.
  • Brush your teeth after lunch and keep breath fresheners close.
  • Keep an extra pair of clothes and shoes in your office for emergencies.
  • Actively partake in meetings.