Turning Your Temp Job Into a Full-Time Position

Quite often a temp job is offered by employers because they have still not fully evaluated the requirements of their staffing. This may be due to the uncertain nature of further business or it could also be due to seasonal increases in business, which requires a temporary augmentation of staff. Whatever the reason, a temporary job has always the possibility of turning into a permanent one, if you can prove your worth to the organization that you have joined. Even if the reason is a seasonal spurt in business, you can take advantage of this time on the job to prove your usefulness and develop your own expertise.

Be Observant

As a temporary worker, you are always under close supervision and it may be even more stringent because they do not see you as an employee with a long term interest in the company. While you are being observed, take time to make your own evaluations about the company, its business, its practices and ethics and other matters that could make a permanent job with them a desirable goal.

Check the Possibilities

Find out from the HR department or colleagues whether the possibility of a permanent job exists. It may not be for the position that you are temporarily filling, but with an associated department. Find out the prospects for that position, the qualifications required and whether you think you can fit into that particular slot. If the answer is yes, then make your intentions clear with your employer. Let them know that you would like the opportunity.   

Exceed Your Employer's Expectations

Your temporary job may have a determined job description when you join the company. See if there are opportunities to exceed your responsibilities and take on additional tasks. Be enthusiastic at all times and show that you have what is needed to fit into the organization.

Mind Your Manners

Frustrations are a part of any workplace. Even if you do feel frustrated at times, see that it never shows in your behavior. You should always present yourself as a pleasant person who they would like to work with. This way you are automatically getting yourself some references in case the employer does think of you for a permanent vacancy.

Develop Contacts

Make it a point to be sociable and friendly with all the persons in the organization. This could help you in the long run and even if your present effort to convert your job into a permanent one does not work out, these contacts should prove beneficial in the long run. You may even get pointers to jobs in other companies or probably a call back when the next temporary job is being considered. This gives you one more shot at your final goal of making your temp job into a permanent one.

When you land up in a temp job, take it as a step to learning more about business and developing your skills as a worker. In the long run, the experience is sure to pay and make you a more desirable person for hire in the job market.