What Job Skills and Qualities are Employers Looking For?

Whatever career choice you decide to make, there are several general job skills and qualities that employers are looking for in job seekers that you can focus on developing in order to increase your chances of being successful. These skills are easily obtained through a combination of education, career experience and a commitment to excellence on the job. If you are trying to work on skills that will help you land a better career, here are the top job skills that employers desire.

Written and Verbal Communication Skills

Employers know that having excellent written and verbal communication skills is the key to being successful on the job. In careers where a great deal of work involves communicating with customers, being able to write and speak skillfully can improve your chances of exceeding expectations. Coming across in an intelligent manner with grammatically correct writing and having a clear speaking voice has been the cornerstone of many successful business professionals.

Technology Skills

In today's world, having the ability to effectively use technology is critical for most types of work. Being successful on the job often means using multiple technologies such as computers, mobile gadgets and the Internet. Anyone looking for a new job should consider getting basic technology skills in order to improve their chances of finding work. Employers want candidates that are ready to tackle the challenges of the future so having the ability to learn technology quickly can give any job seeker an advantage.

Problem Solving Skills

Ever wonder how some people rise to the top as leaders? The most successful employees know that in order to climb the corporate ladder, having the ability to think outside of the box and solve problems quickly can often place them at the head of the pack. This ability comes naturally to some people, but can also be learned by developing critical thinking skills. Employers look for smart candidates who can demonstrate the ability to solve problems effectively when the pressure is on.

Teamwork Ability

A majority of jobs require working with others in a team setting. Having the ability to integrate skills and talents with those of other co-workers creates a work environment where the best ideas and solutions are formed. Employers look for job seekers that have the ability to work together on projects to solve problems and come up with better ways of doing things. Teamwork involves good communication, a creative mindset and the ability to see the big picture.

Professional Skills and Experience

Along with basic personality qualities and work skills, when evaluating candidates for jobs, most employers are looking for professional skills and work experience that are related to the job openings. Job seekers can improve their chances of getting interviewed for jobs by drafting resumes and cover letters that clearly demonstrate relevant work experience and skills. In addition, employers look for candidates that have gone above and beyond the requirements of their jobs by taking on additional responsibilities or work in volunteer assignments.