What makes a good leader.

The qualities that constitute leadership seem to be linked with a person's own sense of self worth. For example, a leader is willing to assess a situation and trust in their own ability to act. While the decision may lead to positive results or not, the leader is willing to take a chance because of his or her own confidence in their judgment. Additionally, the leader develops trust in other people, and they trust him/her in return. A good leader knows how to recognize innate ability in the people around them. Further they encourage and nourish those abilities in others by allowing those under their authority to take on tasks that require them to exercise those gifts. The leader then demonstrates confidence that the subordinate will succeed in the tasks at hand and express satisfaction when they receive accolades for their accomplishments.

A leader has the uncanny ability to inspire loyalty. Those abound him or her will go to great lengths to support the leader. Another thing that is demonstrated in leadership is awareness of those around them. This empathy is expressed the even handedness and fairness. By demonstrating a willingness to consider both sides of an issue and making decisions on the facts in an issue, the employee is confident that they too will receive fair treatment.

Why do we need them on the job?

Leaders on the job make or break a business. There is a clear relationship between leadership and productivity. While some people are adept at knowing what needs to be accomplished and how to do their job, the majority needs some structure and order in the workplace in order to be effective in what they do. Even the most diligent employee will suffer by working in an environment that does not provide stability and that doesn't inspire confidence. Additionally, a good employee will grow resentful and restless if they are working with other people who aren't self directed.

Leaders inspire, infuriate and challenge us. They provide a calm center in the midst of crisis and somehow convey the feeling that somehow, someway everything will be o.k. The leader has the ability to stay focused. They also seem to have the ability to see the big picture. Maybe the biggest and best quality that a good leader demonstrates is that they recognize the potential in others and they take it one step further and they help those around them realize their own potential.

A good leader shares responsibility and the credit for a job well done. They create a win situation where everyone benefits from a team effort. The team becomes committed to the success of the venture. They are the conductor keeping all the different elements of the workplace flowing together to create a unified whole. On the job, and they make all the difference in the temperament and quality of the job environment. Without them productivity would be reduced to a trickle.