What to do When you become a target at work

You go to work on time, and try to get along with everyone. Anyone who works realizes that there are people and situations at every job that are just hard to handle sometimes. But what happens when you become a target of others while at work?

What Not To Do

  • Do not walk out on the job, you have no recourse if you do this. This will also look bad on a resume and may affect future references.
  • Do not draw more attention to yourself.
  • Do not complain to every person within range, there is nothing most of these people can do or are willing to do.
  • Do not retaliate.
  • Do not ask why you are the latest target; there is no answer.
  • Do not become invisible. You can not disappear at work, and the rumors may go farther if you are viewed as missing in action.

What You Can Do

  • File a complaint with the management or owners
  • Try to remain visible and useful. If people see you doing your job there is less room for speculation or for the rumors to gain ground.
  • If you must leave your job, try to file with the Unemployment Office
  • Start looking for another job as quickly as possible.

What You Should Do

  • Begin keeping track. Make note of incidents, times and days
  • Track all complaints issued or warnings given. If you are given any warnings, keep a record of this.
  • Avoid the situation if possible. Moving away from being the target may help lessen the attackers position.
  • Improve your work if possible. This will give you a stronger standing in the workplace.
  • Realize that it is not your fault you have become the target.

Being a target at work is not enjoyable, and sometimes unavoidable. If you try to hide from being a target, the target will become bigger. If you try to fight your way out of the situation, you become a target from those above you. If you track the problem, build the evidence, and keep yourself visible but silent, the target can be removed.