Work Projects and your promotion

Projects or special tasks with high visibility are of great importance if you are looking for a fast track career and quick promotions.

How to get them? (the important projects)

If you have been assigned an important task or a high visibility project, put all of your energy into it. Delivering before the deadline, will assure you more high priority projects.

Taking over other people's projects:

Someone is doing something important (a project or an important task). For instance, working on a high profile project that (if successful) will bring him to the attention of the decision makers. You need this project to further your promotion agenda.

But How?

You have two options:

Option 1: Hostile take over.

  • Pure challenge. Go to the managers and tell them you will do a better job. Back yourself up with a job offer.

Ripple effect that this can cause:

  • You are sure to upset people.
  • Cause general unrest.
  • You will make enemies.
  • Not getting the project can demoralise you and make the other person stronger.

Option 2:
Make yourself part of the foundation, then climb up until you become the project leader/head.

  • Start off by offering your help.
  • Grow into the project.
  • Make sure all the participants know about you.
  • Attend all the meetings. If you are not invited, ask to be invited. If asked why ? Say the more you are involved the better you can do the job.

The 'Moment'

This is when you take full charge of the project.

  • The 'project owner' is on sick leave or vacation leave.
  • The project owner is very busy with other projects.

This is your chance!!

  • Give your 100% on this project.
  • Your overall posture is very important.
  • Deal with all the project parties as if the project were your own.
  • Make all the parties involved in the project think you are the new 'man or woman of the project'.

When the project owner comes back, offer to give a more active role or take all the project for yourself.