Your Job Satisfaction and Stress

Your job satisfaction can often be directly correlated to your levels of stress. Every job has some amount of stress whether you are a lawyer, administrative assistant or food service worker.  Stress can help motivate you to meet your deadlines and step up your production in order to get the job done. But too much stress can be bad because it can cause you to feel that no matter how hard you work, you will never get done or satisfy others with what you have achieved.

There is a fine line between having enough stress to work efficiently and effectively, and having too much stress, causing you to be unhappy with your job. Some sources of stress you might encounter are your boss, your workload, and your customers.

Your Boss

Depending on the type of boss you have, and how well you take instruction, you may find your boss a huge stressor. If you happen to have a supervisor who yells and always finds fault with everything you, while never giving you any praise for a job well done, you probably feel stress. Remember that your boss is under pressure too, they are responsible for you. If your boss is causing you an inordinate amount of  stress, consider having a chat to improve the situation.

Your Workload

When you have more work than you can possibly complete within a given timeframe, you can become very discouraged. Turn this negative cycle around with a prioritization system. You have to prioritize the most important projects, with the most recent deadlines, and do those things first. Focus on doing the best job you can with the project that is right in front of you. Then move on to the next thing on your list. Try not to think about all the things you have to do, rather focus on doing the project that is right in front of you.

Your Customers

Let's face it, no matter how hard you try, you aren't going to be able to make everybody happy. As a result, you will probably have to deal with customer complaints about your products and  services. Try to be kind, courteous and understanding. Try to remember that you have had problems yourself with some company in the past and you should treat others the way you would want to be treated in a similar situation. Do not to internalize the customer's negative energy, stay positive and do your best to help them resolve the situation.

No matter what stresses you out at work, you have control over whether or not you are satisfied with your job. Whether it's your boss, your workload, or your customers, you can decide to have a good attitude and not let things bother you. Remember that every job has its hassles, and whether or not you are satisfied with your job is really up to you.