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  1. Conducting a Job Search With New Technology: The Benefits of Social Media

    In today’s job market, people need an edge to be hired, and that edge can be obtained by conducting a search on [URL=""]legitimate work from home jobs[/URL] with new technology. This new technology consists of the social media. By using websites such as Google Plus, Linkedin and Twitter, potential job candidates can obtain a great advantage over their competitors. But what is the advantage of conducting a job search with new technology?

    With the ...

    Updated 7th June 2012 at 06:21 AM by sepmacleod38

  2. Five tips for job hunting

    Finding a job in this current economic climate is no easy task. If you’ve just started looking for employment, prepare yourself for the long haul—it’ll require a great deal of time, energy and patience to track down anything worthwhile. However, there are a number of things that you can do to help facilitate your search. Here are five simple ways to make your job hunt more efficient:

    1) Develop your online resources: The Internet is there to help! There are scores of excellent job ...
  3. 5 Ways to Completely Screw Up a Job Interview

    No matter how qualified you are for a job position, there are plenty of ways to mess up your chances. Particularly in a job interview, it is so important to present yourself in the right light and make a strong, positive impression on a potential employer.

    Whatever you do, [B]don't make these 5 rookie mistakes[/B].

    [B]1. Come empty handed[/B]

    Even if an employer doesn't specifically ask you to bring anything, never, ever come with nothing. Make sure ...
  4. 3 Resume No-No's

    You think after writing, editing, revising, editing and revising again, you’d have your resume 100% perfect. Although some mistakes, like typos and grammatical errors, may be easier to spot, sometimes you may not even be aware of your resume blunders. Here are some examples of common mistakes, along with some tips for improvement.
    [INDENT][B]1. One size fits all[/B]. When is the last time you tried on a one-size-fits-all t-shirt and it fit? If you are like me, I’m guessing never. The same ...
  5. What's The Hardest Part of Job Searching?

    Anyone on the job market knows that looking for employment is a whopping piece of work. Between constantly scanning career boards--[URL=""]Monster[/URL], [URL="//"]Jobsite[/URL], [URL=""]LinkedIn [/URL](we all have our routines, don't we?), filling out applications, tailoring resumes, following up, reaching ...
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