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  1. How to Get a Job in Computers

    Drawing board
    First ask yourself what you love to do then ask yourself what you are good at. Be honest. If your passion and skills relate to technology, then you might enjoy a career in computers. The following objectives will help you stick to your plan.

    1st Objective: Decide what you want to do
    The internet is a great resource to learn about different jobs in the computer industry and to read about successful professionals (e.g. the Wiki family offered a wealth of ...
  2. Global Youth Unemployment at Record High

    The global youth unemployment rate is at an all-time high and is predicted to increase this year.

    The [URL=""]International Labour Organization[/URL], a U.N. agency that has been collecting this data for two decades, claims that out of about 620 million young people in the work force, an estimated 81 million were unemployed in 2009. The youth unemployment rate is expected to increase to 13.1 percent during 2010, ...
  3. The Career Project

    Ever wonder what exactly an account manager, QA software engineer, or research analyst does, or how to become one?

    [URL=""]The Career Project[/URL] is an ever-growing compilation of career profiles written by the people who work in those very positions. The first-hand account of a "day in the life," along with personal education, salary and experience stats makes The Career Project a unique and valuable resource for those who are ...
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  4. Job Hunting with Twitter: TweetMyJobs

    If you're job hunting, you need to utilize every tool available to you--including Twitter.

    [URL=""]TweetMyJobs[/URL] sends you instant notifications of job openings that you might be interested in, based on the "job channels" (job type and location) you have selected. When companies are looking to fill a position immediately, it helps to be one of the first to send in your resume.

    TweetMyJobs is free for job seekers and ...
  5. Not Getting Hired?

    Unable to find a job and frustrated with the job hunt? You might be doing something that is sabotaging your job search.

    This article from Excelle, [U][B][URL=""]Why You Aren't Getting Hired[/URL][/B][/U], lists common mistakes job hunters make that keep them from landing a job. Make a change, and you could be closer to snagging that job offer.[INDENT][URL=""][B]Why ...