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  1. It's Not Too Late to Find a Holiday Job

    [I]Or turn yours into a permanent one[/I]!

    Finding seasonal work in December may be more difficult than it would in October or November, but it's certainly not impossible. 11 percent of companies reported that they plan on recruiting seasonal employees this December.

    If you are still looking for holiday work, it is important to stand out to potential employers as much as possible. In order to maximize your odds, try out these pointers from [URL=""][/URL]: ...
  2. Cliques in the Workplace

    [B]Workplace cliques[/B]--it's hard to survive with or without them in the office.

    For new hires or low to mid-level team members, being in a clique can lead to various positive feelings. Being part of a group at work can help a person feel comfortable and accepted in the workplace, not to mention having friends at work can help make a person enjoy coming into the office. On the downside, if you are not in a workplace clique, you may feel unsupported or isolated. You might even grow ...
  3. Put Volunteer Work on Your Resume

    A resume that includes [B]volunteer work[/B] can not only tell employers a lot about your interests and skills, but also it will show that you take initiative to find work that you like.

    Kara Montermoso, content manger at says, "Volunteer work, whether in addition to a current job or an activity in between jobs, shows an employer that you are willing to try new experiences, be involved in your community and generally demonstrates a willingness to take initiative ...
  4. How to Handle Being the 'New Guy'

    Congratulations! [B]You got hired[/B]. Give yourself a big pat on the back, but don’t get [I]too [/I]comfortable quite yet. You have a whole lot of learning to do these next few weeks!

    Not only will you be asked to take on unfamiliar tasks and practice systems and protocols different from what you're used to, but also you are entering a foreign, and probably complex, new social network.

    During your transition from new hire to dependable coworker, use these rules to ...
  5. Stop Applying to 100 Jobs!

    It’s tempting isn’t it? That juicy, little, bright-red “apply here” button…But just stop it; walk away and leave it alone!

    By applying to an outrageous number of jobs, you’re making it harder for everyone to get employed. If every job seeker went around pressing every “apply here” button for positions they were maybe, possibly, semi-qualified for, employers would be completely inundated with applications. Finding quality candidates would be a huge challenge and most applicants who ...
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