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Put Volunteer Work on Your Resume

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A resume that includes [B]volunteer work[/B] can not only tell employers a lot about your interests and skills, but also it will show that you take initiative to find work that you like.

Kara Montermoso, content manger at says, "Volunteer work, whether in addition to a current job or an activity in between jobs, shows an employer that you are willing to try new experiences, be involved in your community and generally demonstrates a willingness to take initiative and make things happen."

Employers want to see that you are motivated by opportunities for learning. In fact, according to a new [URL=""]LinkedIn survey[/URL] (September 2011), roughly 41 percent of hiring managers said a job candidate's volunteer experience was as valuable as their paid work experience. Additionally, 20 percent of the survey takers said that they had previously made a decision on a candidate based on their experience as a volunteer.

If you are seeking your first job or even if you are a recent college graduate with a short resume, [B]use volunteer positions to fill in your employment history[/B]. Doing so could make the difference between landing the job and staying on the job market!