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5 Tips for Building a Resume

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Never underestimate the power of a properly constructed resume. Sometimes, itís all thatís needed to convince a potential employer that youíre the right one for the job. Thatís why itís vital that you take your time when compiling your resume; youíre trying to present yourself as the ideal employee, so make sure that all of your info is correct and assembled impeccably. Here are five tips for building a resume that youíll surely be proud of.

Summary: Briefly sum up key information about each of your previous jobs and your respective duties. Also, do your best to state your overall goals. Point out exactly who you are (what makes you, you?), your unique skills, and anything that sets you apart from the competition. And, remember, avoid writing in the first person whenever possible, and donít be afraid of fragmentsóbecause youíre trying to keep your resume as straightforward as possible, itís OK to keep your sentences on the shorter side.

: Build yourself up as much as possible. List your accomplishments and overall achievements, chiefly those related to academia or your career history. Keep hobby-related accomplishments, such as marathon running or mountain climbing, to a minimumóunless youíve done something thatís truly remarkable, try and focus your efforts on events that are strictly related to your career.

Education and training: Discuss everything that makes you qualified for the job, i.e. skills, education, experience, etc. This is your moment to shine, so make sure you discuss your major, GPA, relevant classes, special skills, and so on.

Updates: The ideal resume is one thatís completely up-to-date. Highlight everything that youíve been doing (within reason) prior to applying or during the job application process. Have you been freelancing? Were you passing the time volunteering for charities? Let your potential employer know that you donít like to waste your time sitting idle in between jobs.

Portfolio and letters of recommendation: While this actually isnít a part of your resume, itís key that you include your portfolio and letters of recommendation whenever you apply for a new job. Theyíll back up everything that youíve stated in your resume concerning your overall experience and skills, and theyíll let your potential employer know that youíre the genuine article.

Here are a few sample resumes to help you get started:

Waiter Sample Resume
Personal Trainer Sample Resume
Public Relations Sample Resume
Web Designer Sample Resume


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  2. rkg's Avatar
    How to attach a cover letter with resume/cv..?
    i mean to ask that.. i have a cover letter and resume.. seprately..
    then how i send it to any recuriter.. seprately..??
    or they are in same page if they should be in same page then where i should put cover letter either top of resume or at the bottom of resume
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    a good cv and the right way you interview will get you the job i think