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  1. How limiting beliefs hurt your career and how to overcome them

    Have you ever thought anything like this about your career?

    “My boss doesn’t want to help me with my career development.”
    “The only jobs that pay $100k+ require working 80 hours a week.”
  2. Learn how to reach the next step of your career

    There is tons of advice available about what to do to improve your career: get a new job, switch industries, go back to school, and more. But none of that advice is tailored specifically to your...
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    db2017, I'm a Software Engineer at my full...


    I'm a Software Engineer at my full time job. Based on my experiences, your current salary is in the right ballpark, but you're correct that $120,000 is reasonable depending on your job...
  4. Who can help you with career development

    There are tons of resources for career develop on the internet, in books, and through school. But most people forget about the people who can help the most: their boss, their boss's boss, and their...
  5. Great list @sandeshbukate! Readers should note...

    Great list @sandeshbukate! Readers should note how all 5 of those points focus on the employee ("I" and "me").

    A better negotiation would focus on "you" and "the company". It's also helpful to...
  6. Why you need to build trust for your career

    Regardless of where you are in your career, you need to build trust with other people.

    As someone applying to a job, the hiring manager needs to trust that you can do a good job. Otherwise she...
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    This looks like a good podcast! I'm going to...

    This looks like a good podcast! I'm going to listen to it.
  8. Preparing for your annual performance review

    Your annual performance review is an important time in the year. Not only do you learn if you are getting a raise/promotion, what bonus you get, and how did last year, but you also set the stage for...
  9. The biggest resume mistake you make and how to fix it

    When most people find a job they want, they fill out an application for the job and attach a copy of their resume. Seems like common sense. After all that’s how “career experts” tell you to increase...
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    The skill you need to grow your career

    As your career starts out, the hard skills you learned in school will be very important. And if you excel as an individual contributor, you’ll get promoted to your first management position. From...
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    Who you need to know to get promoted

    If you go into work everyday and do a good job, you might wonder why you aren't getting promoted. Showing up day in and day out and not getting recognized for your work is frustrating. You think you...
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    I've done at least 20 informational interviews

    I've done several information interviews, at least 20. I'm actually setting some up for next week as we speak.

    You can find people in a lot of places. Good places to find people to talk to are...
  13. Wondering if you should leave your current company or stay?

    If you are wondering if you should leave your current company or stay, your employer's financial health should be a factor in your decision.

    If your employer is making profits, then it's a good...
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    Hold off talking about salary at a job interview

    Great point about knowing what your expected salary is. Knowing what you're worth on the job market is a key part of getting paid well in a new job.

    Another key is to hold off on talking about...
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    Talk to people in finance

    I work in finance but it will be difficult to give you specific skills you'll need without more information.

    The skills for an investment bankers are different than what a private equity analyst...
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