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  1. Top 10 weirdest interview questions in the world

    At first, Iím sure you will be confused and startled, but possibly the company only try to check how you face with pressure, your way of thinking and whether you appropriate with company or not.
  2. What Make a Good Hospitality Employee? How to Identify Them in an Interview?

    Working in the hospitality industry isnít easy. To perform well their jobs, quality hospitality employees should have some characteristics. No one is cut out for this industry, whether they are full...
  3. What is the craziest thing you have ever said to your boss

    I've just read a very interesting subject at Quora called: What is the craziest thing you have ever said to your boss, with or without getting fired. Here's one of the stories:

    "In the late 90's...
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    Should you tell lie at work? When? How?

    While probity is entirely suitable for some situations, in others telling an unvarnished truth only harm your career indeed. You might think this is just nothing except sophism but we tell lies for...
  5. What does a professional recruiter care about in a CV?

    Screening the CV is the first step before selecting candidates to the direct interview. That is a very important step in the recruitment process. With over 15 years working in this field, today,...
  6. It's bad to hear that. I do agree that not doing...

    It's bad to hear that. I do agree that not doing the research is one of the most common and worst mistakes. It's embarrassed when you don't even know what are you doing in the interview room....
  7. What is your worst experiences in a job interview?

    The candidate experience is an integral part of the recruitment process that can affect how effective a company is able to recruit quality candidates, and is essential to a companyís overall brand....
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    Need construction jobs

    Are you looking abroad for constructions workers to fill your seats and push up your business? Then crack this HR discovery by cooperating with one trusted overseas placement agency.
    You can choose...
  9. Looking for jobs in construction industry

    Vietnam Manpower Service & Trading Company (VMST) caters to your needs of Vietnam construction workers. With clever hands, they build constructions. With dedicated heart, they built qualities. With...
  10. 6 Recruiting Trends Will Dominate in 2016

    The year 2015 is closing with a lot of changes among HR professionals worldwide. Letís check for the upcoming trends of recruiting that will rule in 2016.

    The world largest professional network...
  11. Thread: Hola all

    by vietnamhr11

    Hello and warmly welcome you to the forum. Have a...

    Hello and warmly welcome you to the forum. Have a fun time here
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