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    Quote Originally Posted by Sayandeep View Post
    I am in class 12 and I have to choose.I am strong in English,have good analytical,reasoning and logical skills.I am not really that hardworking,but get good grades by studying less.I love writing,and Im good in maths,physics etc.

    Which career is better?Which career suits me?What are the pros and cons of these careers,in terms of salary,job satisfaction,working hours etc.I live in India.

    Thanks in advance.
    If you are good in Math and Physics then you should consider engineering because very few people are naturally good at maths and physics. Even though you might feel like you are good at writing and presenting and start thinking about law but in the long run you might like. This is because there is a lot of hard work involved and some cases can stretch for years. So engineering could be great choice since you can present your ideas and are good in maths and physics. Good Luck!

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    Career choice-Law vs Engineering?

    Thanks for the A2A. I don't think it is possible to have exactly same amount of interest in two distinct fields, so you should think more about it. There are classroom lectures of almost every field available on YouTube, you can check out some lectures and see which ones you find more interesting. Consult with senior engineers and lawyers if possible and ask for their experiences.

    If despite doing all these, you feel you have identical interest in both, then I'd say go for law. Given that you got admission in top institutes of both fields, I would assume that you are an intelligent person. So you would perform well in either as long as you keep working hard. I would suggest law because while in engineering you can make a lot of money and work for great organisations, if you choose a career in law, you will not only make money and work in great organisations, you will also command power and might even, at some time, work for the nation in a very high capacity. A majority of people who end up becoming MPs and Ministers have a law background. If this is something you might aspire for in the future, law is the way to go.

    Engineering = usual choice these days, set pattern, good money.
    Law = good money, power, but a path less taken as compared to engineering.

    All the best.

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