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    Career choice-Law vs Engineering?

    I am in class 12 and I have to choose.I am strong in English,have good analytical,reasoning and logical skills.I am not really that hardworking,but get good grades by studying less.I love writing,and Im good in maths,physics etc.

    Which career is better?Which career suits me?What are the pros and cons of these careers,in terms of salary,job satisfaction,working hours etc.I live in India.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Sayandeep, you are truly comparing apples with oranges. Only you can decide what career is best for you.

    I can say that both law and engineering will reward good analytical/reasoning/logical/English skills, but will not reward lack of hard work.

    Good luck!

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    hi Sayandeep,

    You are asking a challenging questions. As per my guidance you will go for lawyer rather than engineering because Lawyer generates more income than engineer.
    The demand vs supply of lawyers has resulted in the typical lawyer making, say, $200K per year.
    The demand vs supply of engineers has resulted in the typical engineer making, say $100K per year.
    Besides from this you can also make your carrier in finance or accounting as you are pretty good in maths and analytical field.

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    Cleel is right, you're really comparing apples to oranges.

    I don't really know too much about law. I have a sister who majored accounting and minored law. But I studied engineering. We don't click too well. Like our ways of thinking is really apples to oranges and that's not even considering the type of education/work we dealt with.

    For engineering, you start off with quite a bit of mathematics and sciences, which depends on which engineering field you're in. As you go deeper into the years, they drop the fundamentals a bit and focuses more on writing and designing. And when you get to work (this is from my friends as I'm still looking for work), for Chemical Engineers, we deal with a lot of technical drawings and reports. Then it slowly migrates towards designing, but that won't be for a while. And there's also the business side of engineering where engineers deal with clients and presentations.

    I don't know too much about law, well none at all. But I can assume that they will deal with a lot of technical things with respect to law. And they have to consult and deal with customers/clients as well. I think that's the only similarity I can think of due to my limited knowledge.

    I recommend doing more in depth researches on both careers. Like Harshada said, if salary is a big issue for you, then that solves your problem easily. If it's working environment, then both are still up for grabs.

    If you ask me based on "I am not really that hardworking,but get good grades by studying less.", I would say engineering. That's because I am also not really hardworking, but I can get good grades by studying less, cramming, and utilising others that are both smarter and not as smart as me. Do not quote me, as I don't know, I just get the feeling that you can't find shortcuts in law, or at least as many.

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    With these skills, (strong in English, have good analytical, reasoning and logical skills. I love writing) I assume Law is probably the correct course that match your abilities. I don't really think Engineering is meant for you, well as you've said you're not that hardworking, so a repetitive work would get you bored and frustrated. But it's still your choice though, follow what's in your heart.

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    Apart from the idea that youre comparing two un-comparable subjects. I would always suggest to go with something that the world needs, a job that fulfills a technical necessity, such as an engineer. A Lawyer only meets needs from today's corrupt law system, and only benefits certain people, most times criminals who happen to have money to get what they want.
    An engineer has more prestige not only today but in the future.

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    if you are good in maths and physics then go for an engineering degree or choose b.sc with a master's degree. this is good in both terms i.e salary and working hours. but if you have more interest in writing then you can also go with arts or journalism, now-a days many people also opt this option.

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    I do not think engineering is for you, as you said you're not so laborious, repetitive work then I would be bored and frustrated. But it is still your choice, however, follow what's in your heart
    I like it very much

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    hello myself Ankit Raturi, i have secured 81% in class XI and might secure around 88+ marks in class XII ,,
    well i am not very sure about bright future in law ....
    please tell which one is better on the basis of job opportunity, salary and job security !!!!!

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    Thumbs up Your choices --

    I would suggest that simply because of career opportunity and stability, engineering would be a better choice.

    If you are ok with working long hours without the guarantee of the shiny visible career you see on television and no guarantee of success, then perhaps law is for you. I know people with law degrees who make less than people with bachelors degrees in various disciplines based on a number of different factors.

    You are considered a professional with an undergraduate degree in engineering. A master in engineering is essentially the same as a terminal degree, law degree, doctorate in social sciences, etc.

    Remember, once you get a technical education, you can do the technical and non-technical piece, but it is very hard to go technical if you did not begin technical.

    I also think that engineering would provide less career pressure and a better opportunity for work/life balance, potentially greater job security and/or satisfaction, etc.

    Just my 2 cents.


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    Sayandeep, I feel you should take up engineering as that will suit your lifestyle better. To become a lawyer you need to really put hours and hours of hard work. To get a good job you need to be really good with your skills, it is also important that you have a good resume. If you need professional help in getting your resume, then www.arbunize.in is the place you should go. All the best.

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    Law are Engineering are good professional career field. Each of them has its own advantage. If you are interested to study technology engineering is the best choice. There are many engineering streams such as electronics, mechanical, computer science etc. If you are interested in law and public rights law field is the best one.

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    Since you are good in reasoning and logical skills, then it would be good if you choose engg. instead of law.

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    Do a full assessment of your skills and background then seek work that matches that in your area.

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    Have you thought about pursuing an undergraduate engineering degree and then, at your option, going to law school and focusing your studies on intellectual property law? A number of engineers become patent lawyers.

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