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    Looking for data entry Jobs from Home

    hello all

    I am here as new member and interested wanna know about data entry job from home. I can spare 4 hours daily and whole Sunday for part time data entry job. I came to know that data entry is an easy job and which can be done part time online from anywhere. Easy jobs and part time, that is why I am very much interested in such kind of online jobs.

    I google searched for the possibilities but most of the data entry sites I visited doesnít seems to be real ones.
    If any member here has an experience of real data entry job please share your views on the same and I will appreciate if given a genuine link of the legitimate data entry company (preferably online data entry).

    Though I did bookmarked one of the data entry provider and reviewed from various angles and seems to be genuine. They are providing step by step guidance, tutorials, actual training and jobs fpr Free in real time. Their credentials are 5-star Consumer rated, Business is PayPal verified and 100% guaranteed program.

    Does anyone heard of this site or actually working for the same please do let me know through this thread.

    The Link is http://go-and-see.me/legitdataentry


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    If you want to job for data entry then you should registered your CV on Quicker.com, Naukri.com and
    all other consultancy website.they will helps to u for searching a data entry job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harshada View Post
    If you want to job for data entry then you should registered your CV on Quicker.com, Naukri.com and
    all other consultancy website.they will helps to u for searching a data entry job.
    Hello Harshada,

    Thanks for your advice for home based data entry jobs. I am sure this will be helpful for most of the Guys who are not able to go out and spend such time for full time job. This could be a good opportunity to them to work part time and earn good money. I have also read a good article recently which provides some good tips for the same. Here is the link http://www.whatishowto.net/2012/09/2...ta-entry-jobs/

    I am sure this will also a good source of information for people looking for home based jobs.

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    Hello Thispeas and Harshada,

    can you help me to know, does these links that you are sharing here for data entry jobs ask for any registration fees first? As I know none of the home based job is free at the first time and we need to pay a some of amount by the name of registration fees.


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    RE: Looking for data entry Jobs from Home

    I think this is such a fine alternative of earning a good amount of money from the home only. One should definitely try the same. I like the idea very much , looking forward for the various responses to come.

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    Hi michael777,
    If you'll type in Google "Data entry Jobs" then you'll find the results total (two hundred forty-eight million). Most of them are scam. Avoid and be aware of Scam. I would like to suggest you for genuine data Entry Company follow below steps. 1. Do proper research about that company whether itís registered or not. 2. Is there any certification, donít trust on ordinary certificate, trust on ISO. 3. Use social media sites to know more about that company.
    Next the url go-and-see.me/legitdataentry is redirecting to mydatateamjobs.com website. No, I never heard about this website.

    I Hope this information can help you.

    Betty Cooper
    Outsource Data Entry Projects

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    Thanks for the posting of this job. one of my friend is looking for Data entry job work from home so i will suggest her for this job.

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    I really think this is such a good and reliable post for the various individuals in order to accumulate a good and beneficial job from the home only.

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    I think working from home is ought to be a good aspect of working. This will let you attain some good amount of money. For the various data entry jobs from home I will recommend to consult someone from the relative field.

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    Lot of people are finding online jobs as a very great resource for an extra income to sustain your college needs. Many part time online jobs are made available by companies who are trying to get support with regard to projects that they needed to complete.

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    Hi All: Can you direct me to some data entry sites with prompts? The idea is to read the prompt and type in what you see then another prompt appears and the process repeats itself. Classical typing/data entry (you think) but I'm having a difficult time finding the URLs for these sites. It is as if they are extinct. Email me some URLs to my Yahoo! account if you can. I'd greatly appreciate it, and would try to make it up to you in some way. Call me if you'd like to. Thank you. Michael. Email: mvolovets@yahoo.com Phone Number: (650)740-2099

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    You can find lots of data entry jobs here http://www.genuinejobs.com/search_jobs.php
    The list is updated regularly and there is a big employer market so I think it would be helpful.

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    This is probably a silly question, but have you tried Craigslist?

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    Quote Originally Posted by B2025 View Post
    This is probably a silly question, but have you tried Craigslist?
    I would stay away from online data entry jobs... but if you still looking for sites to do some online data entry work then check this list

    It is completely free and you don't have to pay any fee as deposit.

    Good Luck
    Nic T

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    Looking for data entry job then http://www.wisdomjobs.com/ is a good place where you can find job in this profile.

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