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    Wink How to Answer the 'Tell Me About Yourself' Interview Question

    Preparing For Job Interview?

    Here are some Tips to answering the Tell Me About Yourself question:

    1. Donít ramble on about your personal life.
    2. Include specific work achievements from your past.
    3. Highlight your strength and ability.

    If you want to give perfect answers to interview questions that will get you the job....You need to tailor each answer to exactly what the company is looking for. This is the method that the top job seekers in the world use.

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    How to Answer the 'Tell Me About Yourself'

    Things to remember:

    The language must be simple. Avoid using any technical jargon. Assume that the interviewer has no idea about your line of work (unless, of course, you know they have)
    Follow an order, either chronological or anti-chronological. You can either start with what you do currently, going back to your education, early life etc. Or the other way around. Leave your hobbies and interests and other extra-curricular involvements for the end.
    If there is something relevant for the position, make sure you mention it at the end.
    Keep it like an elevator pitch. Hopefully under 30-45 seconds.
    Don't all-out market or pitch yourself.
    Try not to use adjectives - both positive or negative. Make it factual rather than a commentary. For example, "I am a highly motivated person", "I am very lazy", both are not appropriate for the question.
    Similarly, try not to go into specifics, unless asked. Remember, you have a precious few seconds.

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    Talk about your relevant skills and background while using "my" more than "I". For example, you can say "My skills are a solid match for the position."
    Todd can teach you a lot about how to get a job and get more out of your career.

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    Thanks A lot for these important tips and yes mention your past achievements whatever it is, it may be internship or any certificate related to the job position and here follow this HR question and Answers for more interview questions.

    Thanks & regards,
    Sandesh Buakte

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