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    what makes you a strong candidate for this job

    What are some good tips on helping answer this question I pretty much have everything I want to say I just need to end with something that will show the potenial employer that I am the perfect candidate.

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    This question is really a quality control, separating candidates. A lot of people bomb out on questions like this, often people who would otherwise get the job, but their answers devalue their interview results.

    The absolute necessities for answering this question equate to the statement "I meet all the essential criteria for this job, plus...."

    The "plus" is about:

    Additional skills and experience above requirements
    Additional knowledge
    Proven performance
    Proven values of work achievements

    The point here is largely about being competitive with the other candidates. Even if you don't know their strengths, it's yours that have to shine through with your answer. Your best shot at being ultra competitive is really always going to be your standout skills and achievements. You have to show yourself as a superior candidate.

    Remember also- This answer has to be documented by the interviewers. When they make their report and recommendation, this material is what's really making the decision to hire you. You're actually writing their report for them, and that's the best way to look at the information content.

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    Hi superman180,

    One really good way to end answering this question is to specifically say you want this job and mean it. Many people fail to actually ask for the job. They tend to not do this because they believe it is implied. However, many interviewers are looking for a candidate to help make their hiring decision easy for them. Why not separate yourself from the pack by asking for the job after listing off your strengths for the position. This can be very powerful and should not be overlooked.

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    I would answer that question this way...

    I am a strong candidate for 3 simple reason:

    1. I can get things done.
    2. I can work with others.
    3. I can solve issues.

    Are you a job hunting ninja?

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    I do also think this type of question enables you to discuss both your qualities as a candidate but support the statement with an example of when you have demostrated these qualities.

    E.g I am good for this position as I have substancial team leader experience, whilst in my previous role I managed a team of 10 on a day to day basis.....

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