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    Job Interview Tips For Freshers

    anyone who is experienced, please tell me how i write my skills in an resume?

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    You should put only the things that you know or to operate. If this is your first time you should put the things that you have learned from school like software that you are using like MS Word, Excel, Power Point and other stuff if you are in computer related field.

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    sort out all of your skill ,like 1.computer skill
    2.IT skill
    3.Management skill
    4.Communication skill
    5. Interpersonal skill
    Describe briefly all of skill with sub titles.If you fresher then you should keep resume in one page compact. Add specialized skill if you from accounting write accounting software name,if you from engineering write various engineering software name.best of luck.

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    please tell me -- what is a "fresher"? I have asked this on another thread where someone was speaking of "freshers"??

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    You can also add
    Computer Skill,
    Technical skill,
    Leadership Skill

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    Interview Tips to help you get the job

    Try to appear your best at the interview
    Know about the company
    Answer clearly and directly
    Donot be argumentative
    Be prepared with questions for the Interviewer
    Address the Interviewer politely
    Be Confident

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    One of the big tips I always give people is that you need to make sure that you quantify your impact. Hiring managers love to see numbers and time frames. If you tell them what you specifically can do in terms of a value add they envision you doing it for their organization. I have written a few posts on www.gettingthejobhq.com about this subject.

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    Top 5 Tips To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Hired

    1) Be Ready and Be Prepared

    Just do a mock interview session either with your friend or with a trainer (if suppose you are attending some interview class). Just watch videos from youtube regarding job interview and how to present yourself. Do a research about the job requirements and assess your skills accordingly. Learn to be diplomatic in answering during the interview to get hired either as a fresher or as an experienced candidate.

    2) Active Networking

    There are many entry-level engineering jobs available but then you need to gear up your chance of landing in such opportunity. For that, you need to be active on social media platforms like Facebook and Linked In, connect with the right people or you can even join groups for such as job search etc. Just donít use these media platforms for passing your time, use it wisely for your career benefits.

    3) Face the rejections

    Donít feel dejected by getting rejected, consider every No as a New Opportunity. Just have a look at what went wrong and learn from it. Remember failures are the only stepping stones for success. Have different actions plans like A, B, and C, consider each failure as a learning experience to let you know where you stand.

    4) Be punctual to the interview

    If you know the interview timings then just plan for your travel considering place, distance, and traffic. Do not be late as it will act as a bad impression on you. It would be better if you are 5 mins earlier to the place.

    5) Know about the company you want to work

    It is not just technical knowledge or the communication skills you need to carry but also you need to know about the company its domain, the services it provides, its establishment etc. If not very much in detail at least you should be able to answer about the company rather than being dumbfounded.

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    List skills you have such as computer and software skills in a section designated for skills on your resume.
    Todd can teach you a lot about how to get a job and get more out of your career.

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    Make sections of your skills like:
    1) Computer skill: MS office, MS Excel, MS Word

    2) Programming Skills: C, C++, JAVA, AngularJS, HTML5

    so according to this you can include skill section in your resume according to your profession.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Sandesh Bukate
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