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    Unhappy Which job is suitable for me? I have a big confusion? help me!

    I have worked for 4 years as a software developer in .NET technology. After that, I have worked 2 years as a trainer in .NET technology.

    My current Position:
    I have Microsoft Certification in SQL Server Technology. I have good knowledge in the recent technologies in .NET.

    My Request:
    I have an opportunity to work as a corporate trainer in cmm level 3 company. Which job is best for me either Corporate Trainer or Software Developer in future growth and salary growth . Please guide me to choose either corporate trainer or developer for my better life.

    Thanks a lot

    Muruhan K

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    The final decision depends on your personal circumstances.

    It is best to compare everything about the 2 opportunities. While this is a general frequently asked question & answerr, it's worth having a look: http://www.kmd-solutions.com/FAQ-two-job-offers.htm
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    It really depends on you, and what you love. Take a deep analysis of both you and the jobs - what is something you love to do and wouldn't mind doing in the future.

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    What really matters is what do you want? we have sir who was a software engineer in big firm but didn't liked it so decided to quit and joined C-DAC institute as a trainer and he was quite happy by doing it, now he is passionate about teaching and taking it to the next level by giving free lectures at colleges, IT companies as a mentor.so it's up to you what you really want to do.
    Thank you and best wishes,
    Sandesh Bukate
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    You can do an online search or read industry-related books to learn the pay for the fields that interest you then make your career choice accordingly.
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    The final decision is depends on your interest and knowledge in those jobs. If you want more jobs related to your experience OnBlick helps you. Find the latest jobs at onblick. st is integrated with Indeed, Career Builder, Zip Recruiter, Dice and IT Services. It may help you.

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