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    Interview Attire

    I've always wondered about this. What kind of attire should you wear for an interview?

    The fail safe approach is full professionalism with a full suit, tie and shoes. But at the same time, that can be really awkward if that's not their usual attire, or interview attire.

    For "professional" jobs or jobs where the normal attire is business, then it's perfectly fine. For jobs with business casual attire, I think it's also fine to dress business for the interview. But I'm just wondering if you can dress business casual, like a full suit without the tie or dress shirt/pant with the tie.

    For my case, I'm applying for a customer service role at a home health place. The main duties are answering calls, creating client profiles and miscellaneous work. I highly doubt that the normal attire is business. Business casual might be possible. But nurses and doctors have their own uniform. So, I'm not really sure what to wear.

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    I would consider going with a shirt & tie (no jacket) before I went with a suit & no tie.
    I think it's safer.
    Ties are frequently a part of the dress code, whereas jackets frequently are not.
    I think if you wanted to step down, then that would be a better bet.

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    Dress code

    Every recruiter we have ever spoken to, and that would be in the hundreds, say that you must dress with the utmost professionalism every time. Certainly any office role must be suit and tie or equivalent for ladies.

    There is really no debate about this. Dress to impress every time. It is one of the first things the recruiter will notice. Make sure that you first impression is an ideal one.

    But for blue collar workers, say a mechanic or plumber, then just smart, casual clothes with clean shoes will still be worth doing. Might be just the thing that gives you the edge of the next guy who turns up in shorts and T-shirt.

    Paul @ www.instantonlinecv.com

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    Full suit definitely. Dress to impress, they decide what they think of you all in 5 seconds of you walking in

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    Choose The Right Dress Code For Your Job

    First impression is the best impression and it is said that one should be presentably dressed for the job interview. There are various career opportunities and candidates can be judged easily based on their outfit before getting to know about the knowledge. Here are few career advice as to what where for an interview.

    skirts, slacks,suits

    Most of the businesses might turn you down by wearing shorts, jeans, cargo pants, etc. It is always to good to wear a suit and impress the interviewers. The suit should be a perfect match for tie, shoes, and in shirt. It is not the good old 1920s interviews so you can update to new fashionable style. There are some companies that allow both men and women to wear suits and apart from that woman can wear skirts too. In some modern companies even cargos, jeans, and blazers are allowed.

    Be a complete man by wearing a pleasantest clothes

    You can even search for other employees in the company and their outfit especially search for those who are very close and important to the management. Try to incorporate their styles. You can do it gradually and as you do, you will be noticed and will bagged along with the crew. After all everybody wants to take the place of their seniors.

    Act like it

    Your dress alone doesnt matter you need to have the quality and you need to act like one. Donít be afraid to take the responsibilities. Start inculcating the characteristics of a leader. Work in such a way that your seniors need to pay attention at your work and progress and give you more growth. And if you donít show up your skills who will provide you growth and career opportunities. Act it out like a boss and people will get inspired by you and your work. There are various jobs in information technology and careers in engineering, just follow the above techniques for providing a good growth to you.

    Also read : Follow These 3 Important Things To Be Successful In Your Life

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    Even if casual dress is allowed and most co-workers dress like that, you should still arrive dressed business casual at a minimum - this can help you look more professional and advance.
    Todd can teach you a lot about how to get a job and get more out of your career.

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