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    Interview Tips

    Hi Guys,

    When you respond to interview questions, listen carefully to the questions, take time to phrase your reponses, and ask the interviewer to repeat the question if you're not sure what they are asking.

    Be brief and don't ramble when you respond. However, do be sure that your responses answer the questions, are focused, and highlight the skills you have that are relevant to the job.

    Keep in mind that your responses are your sales pitch. You're selling the interviewer on yourself as the best candidate for the job, so be sure you focus on your relevancy i.e. why you are a good candidate, how you can do the job, what you can contribute, and how you will benefit the company if you're hired.

    Thank you..
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    Recently i have attended one interview and the recruiter was asking the question is high speed may be that's what her way of talking but i was not getting what she was asking at very first time so i have to ask her to repeat, in my mind i was afraid she would get angry as i was asking her to repeat every question but luckily she said nothing like that.

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    Important Career Advice for Engineers: Don’t Miss These Interview Tips

    There are various job openings available for freshers and most of the candidates are facing trouble in clearing the interview rounds and here are few career advice for those applying for a role in engineering:

    1) Problem Solving
    Just express your outstanding problem solving skills an amazing element in engineering. Integrate this with your proper planning and organizational skills which will be helpful for you.

    2) Wider Horizons
    Employers look out for all-rounded employers and not only with academic qualifications. Especially if the candidates have interests beyond their field then it will be beneficial for them. Their main search is for the employees with self motivation and kicking spirit for making an impact with the company.

    3) Be Original
    Chill and relax do not show off yourself with something you are not. Be original and market yourself in a polite, likable and competent way. You should express the truth about yourself as you should be able to deliver whatever you said.

    4) Are you suitable for this job?
    Get to know what is the employer looking for and ask interesting questions, engage the employer and make an impression that you are interested and informative about this profile.

    5) Dont be a chatter box
    Keep your answers and talk short and crispy do not add too much detail or do not be overly descriptive. Wait for the interviewer to ask questions and then you can answer them.

    6) Work Experience
    Each candidate needs sufficient amount of exposure and those with good practical experience while their graduation can find themselves in a very strong position.

    7) Confidence
    Whatever you speak be confident about it and do not consider yourself low. The company needs you as much as you need the company. You will find lots of job openings in IT companies so need not worry be confident and clear the interview’s.

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    Speaking of work experience, it's imperative to do a relevant practicum/internship while attending college.
    Todd can teach you a lot about how to get a job and get more out of your career.

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