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    How to crack a telephonic interview

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    heebie jeebies

    That was great post, and very much useful for interview point of view..
    In order to save times many companies have started taking telephonic interview of a candidate .
    These are not final interview or technical interview but mostly it is first round of interview where interviewer want to know how the candidate answer, his behaviour,reaction on the phone etc.
    It is very important how you manage telephone interview .

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    A phone interview should be treated with the same importance as a face to face interview.
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    You should always keep a copy of relevant talking materials, bullet points, resume info, and key items you want to discuss in front of you; phone interviews are beneficial to the interviewee from this perspective!


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    That's a great article you have written on telephonic interview and recently i have came across this article Best Tips for cracking your Telephonic Round which also covered all points related to telephonic interview.
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    Don't sound sleepy, unprofessional or uninterested. Ask relevant questions but just enough to set up an interview such as directions and what the position is about.
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    Yes i do agree with you...

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