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    After the interviews

    If an employer decided to hire you after interviewing you, they would make an offer.

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    Good to know about it.

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    It is customary for companies to usually wait two weeks before giving you notice of their decision, that is, if they have told you that they will inform you at the time of the interview. Some companies choose not to email the person, hoping that he/she will get the idea and try someplace else. It is best to write a kind email to the hiring manager asking him whether he/she has reached a resolution whether to hire you. It is important to not sound overly aggressive in the email.

    A simple and kind approach will work - 'I understand that you are busy but I was wondering if you and your team collectively have come to a decision regarding the position that I recently interviewed for.' Make sure to thank him/her in advance for taking time to read your email.

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    Remember to send a thank-you-note that expresses your gratitude and reiterates what makes you stand out within 24 hours of the interview then be prepared to follow up within a few days.
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