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    Question Which internship do I choose?

    Please...I need help. This might be kind of long, but I really need advice.

    Internship A:
    • well-respected company
    • better pay
    • industry I'm interested in

    • Annoying commute
    • Annoying Hours

    Internship B
    • Better Hours
    • Close to my house
    • Interesting work

    • Less Pay
    • Not sure if it's the industry I will work in

    Also, I think I might have accidentally accepted internship A already...
    but either way, which one would you pick???

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    Internship = TEMPORARY!
    So your cons are only temporary headaches.
    Because of this, look at the benefits primarily!!!

    Sounds like company A is a better investment in your career just based on the limited information provided.

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    Career Advice To Get The Most From Your Internship

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    Internship phase helps you earn a good learning experience. You need to enter your chosen industry, and either you have to work towards the future job you want, or decide that itís not for you at all. But one thing essential then is networking or building good work relationship then.

    Here we share 4 strategies which can help you as an intern to get a good network and continue with it.

    1. Attend company events:

    Company events might appear boring, but they also have two things along with 1) (often) free food and 2) people assemble at one place. So if the company where you are an intern is organizing any kind of group event which is open to employees, you must go, even if itís not mandatory. Go, eat and chat with people from various departments.

    Read more at:Career Advice To Get The Most From Your Internship

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    It's a close call but I think choice A has the slight edge.
    Todd can teach you a lot about how to get a job and get more out of your career.

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    Well according to the given description A looks great according to your future prospects, it will help you in coming years to groom your career and as you said better pay and you interested in doing it, so you should really go for "A".
    We can help you to find your dream Job and would give you best Career Advice.

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