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    Got room for another newb?

    Hello, everybody! My search for some kind of job/career advice forum brought me here, and I was glad to see that, unlike a couple other sites I looked at, this one's not packed to the gills with spam!

    I'm unemployed and really in a crummy position, which I'd like to talk to the good folks here about since I have no clue WTF I'm doing professionally. Also, I hope it's okay if I may post a question on behalf of someone I know.

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    Re: Got room for another newb?

    Hi Scarecrow! I'm a new member myself. I don't know what kind of job you are in right now / looking for, but maybe a new resume can help? I know graphic design and I just set up a Fiverr store for custom resume design. Hope we can help each other out! Let me know if you got questions!

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    Hi everyone,

    Iam new to this forum, This forum is very useful to learn new things.

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    Another Newbie

    Hi guys!
    I didn't want to create a new thread just to say hi
    So, hello! I am also new to this forum, and I am very excited about being part of it! There are definitely some useful topics which I can't wait to learn more about!

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