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    Need construction jobs

    Are you looking abroad for constructions workers to fill your seats and push up your business? Then crack this HR discovery by cooperating with one trusted overseas placement agency.
    You can choose us! Vietnam Manpower Service & Trading Company (VMST) are an expert at manpower supply from Vietnam to other countries. We can assure you of our service quality. Construction workers we offer have been widely appreciated as being clever, hardworking, responsible and dedicated. They will pour out their heart to meet all your job requirements, and be willing to take extra responsibilities if necessary.
    Donít hesitate to contact us:
    Ms. Lana Ė General Director
    Whatsapp/Viber/Mobile No.: +84 9495 94116
    Office No.: +84 473 033 699
    Skype: vnhumanresources
    Email: lana@vnmanpower.com
    Website: http://vnmanpower.com/
    More detail about our construction Manpower service: please get access to http://vnmanpower.com/en/services-ca...-manpower.html

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