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    The secret behind having a balance between career and education

    While you are studying do not lose your passion! Whether it is a hobby or career, try to balance it in your education. We asked a professional photographer, who is currently studying master in management, how he is balancing his career and education. Read the interview with Avijit Nandy for insights and we also share some amazing pictures he has taken

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    Yes, it's true that combining study and job could be really tough. I understand, what I'm talking about as I was studying at university and working at bank in my free days. I had no vacations, not much time to spend with my friends and family.

    But it was a brilliant experience, it helped me to understand the cost of money, the cost of time, and the cost of doing boring job

    Thanks for sending this link to the interview, however it's too short to understand what is the secret of balancing work and study, the topic is doesn't covered enough.

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    1. Identify how much time you can afford to spend in the online course.

    As mentioned above, online education programs may be more flexible but students still need to be able to meet the requirements needed for their online courses as well as their job responsibilities.

    2. Be realistic.

    Don't overestimate. Online students who are working full-time jobs should not expect to be able to jump right into their classwork immediately after arriving home. It's best to assume that each course would be more demanding than you anticipate. Err on the side of caution in finding the right balance between your online education and your career.

    3. Talk to your employer.

    Be honest and transparent about your aspirations. It's not only you whose making yourself more valuable to your company - your employer also benefits when you finish a degree online. Your employer may also be able to give you more flexibility in terms of your schedule to accommodate your studies.

    4. Gain practical experience immediately.

    Online students have the privilege of applying what they've learned in school immediately to their current jobs. This is very helpful since it would help students truly understand the concepts and ideas that they're learning through practical experience.

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