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    Post Basic knlowledge in Digital Marketing field

    What basic knowledge should be gained by the candidate while entering in the digital marketing field?

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    Here are 5 things you absolutely need to know before applying for a digital marketing position at an agency.

    Notice that I didn’t say “know what SEO stands for” (search engine optimization, in case you were wondering). Obviously you*should*know that, but you have to know a little bit more. Notice also that I didn’t say you need to be really good at SEO. Believe it or not, simply knowing what SEO is can be enough to put you ahead of a lot of other candidates.

    This whole digital marketing thing is still pretty new. The majority of applicants haven’t really done it before, and most of the ones that have are very siloed. A lot of people applying for a digital marketing job are either changing careers or starting fresh out of college. If you’ve done some marketing internships or held a digital marketing gig either in-house or for a digital agency, that’s fantastic. Be sure you can discuss the specifics of your experience and how*you*(not just “we”) influenced marketing campaigns in some way. You have to be ready to explain your contributions and your role. Too many candidates say “we” about every single thing they did, leaving the employer wondering if the candidate actually ever did anything on their own.

    If you’ve never logged into Google Analytics or a similar program, then don’t apply for a digital marketing job yet. Every marketer needs to have knowledge about analytics. Since almost every agency in the world uses Google Analytics, you need to be familiar with it. If you’ve never used GA before, then do the following before applying for a marketing job: 1. Create a simple blog or website. 2. Create a Google Analytics account. 3. Add the tracking code to your simple website. 4. Get into the GA platform and immerse yourself in data. 5.*Take the GA certification test. Pro tip: having your Google Analytics certification looks great on your resume. *

    At least half of applicants for a digital marketing job are self-proclaimed social media experts. Oftentimes, their social media experience starts with the lame joke, “I use Facebook and Instagram a lot.” As cool as that is, no employer has ever been impressed by someone’s personal social media use. It’s assumed, just like it’s assumed that you can use email and Microsoft Word. Bragging about how you use social media for personal use is a great way to show you aren’t qualified for a job.

    The people interviewing you for a digital marketing job have a lot of other things to do besides interview you. The last thing they want to do is hear you spout out some BS about something you clearly don’t know. Digital marketing consists of many things, and you probably aren’t an expert on everything. Know your limitations. Don’t go on and on about your AdWords experience if you’ve never run a good campaign. Don’t babble on about title tags if you don’t really know how to optimize one.

    No matter what your experience level is, you need to be smart about how you apply for a digital marketing position. The pool of candidates is huge. The pool of qualified candidates is much, much smaller. By knowing these 5 things and presenting them well, you stand a good chance of getting an interview. Oh, and be sure to always do these things no matter what type of job you are applying for:
    Include a cover letter that directly discusses your skills related to this position
    Include an up-to-date resume that’s saved as a PDF (don't send anything as a Word doc)
    Follow all application guidelines perfectly
    Finally, good luck with your job search. Digital marketing is an exciting and evolving field, and now is a great time to be in it

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